The company “Uji i Ftohtë Tepelenë”” was created in 1996 and started production activity in 1998. The establishment is located in a field of about 30,000 square meters, of these more than 4,000 m² are covered from the production plants and warehouses.
The production line uses the most advanced technological solutions in the sector of packaging. In the laboratory of quality control are installed all the equipment necessary for the control both the physical-chemical characteristics as well as to perform all bacteriological analyzes.
Today its quality, constantly controlled, is much more secure as it is even more valuable to his taste. Every week in the factory of Tepelene Water are done over 800 laboratory controls to ensure product quality offered to consumers. Year after year, the company moves, studies and produces something new: an important indicator that makes this company a crucial point and superior in the rapid process of modernization in Albania.


Our mission is to provide to consumers this unique nature reserve through the technology and the innovation, always respecting the nature that offer this gift and keeping unchanged the values and quality of this water. The main purpose of the company “Uji i Ftohtë Tepelene” is to remain a leader in the manufacturing sector of drinking water, through the sustainable growth of numbers of clients and purchasing new markets, by:

  • working in full compliance with legislation and regulations for products that the company manufactures and trades
  • paying special attention to guaranteeing the safety of consumer health
  • improving continuously the quality of its products
  • investing continuously providing modern system in the factory
  • conducting various trainings for professional training of personnel
  • competing with dignity and professionalism our competitors
  • producing products according to customer specifications and pleasure.


The history of Tepelene Water began when the historical personality Ali Pasha, which ruled the country 800 A.C., discovered the source of light and tasty water. Tepelene is always innovative, cautious against choosing new technologies and a modern vision to the market. To change means not only to grow up with the objective to stay on the steps of the development of taste and consumer manner, but also being able to offer a quality and great security. Year after year, the company has given a special importance to its development and not only with more space in local and foreign market, but also with new ideas and products aimed to satisfy the consumer.
Formats and products of Tepelene Water:
In 2002 the company launched in the market initially the line of glass bottles by 0.75 L and then the 0.25 L. Water Tepelene still today is found in the best bars, restaurants and high-class hotels in Albania. In 2007 Tepelene brings a new product, the bottle of sparkling water with lemon flavor. A much requested product by the Albanian consumer. 2008 2008 is another important year for the company as it launched the “Sport Cap” format, a more practical bottle for all the people who consume water during their sport activities.The year 2012 is another year where the company’s success grows with two absolutely new products for beverage market in Albania. Tepelene Vitamin Active e Tepelene Vitamin Wellness, are vitamin natural waters with multifunctional ingredient, very useful for human body. Vitamin Water comes as a new concept in the consumer world and as a newness of nowadays people lifestyle. Satisfy the body and lighten the soul of all consumers that want a healthy drink. Vitamin Water is valued all over the world as the ideal drink to be consumed every day for all those who require more than one simple drink. Also in 2012, the company launches the family format of 2L, for all the Albanian families that have a high consumption of water per day.


Tepelene water is bacteriologically clean and under European Community legislation, is classified as Oligomineral Water advisable for diets at low amounts of sodium. This has made Tepelene required water also outside the borders of Albania. In 2003, Tepelene began its export in Greece and year after year has increased its export also in Kosovo, Macedonia, Italy, England. Since 2011, Tepelene export in the United States of America.